Personal Touch


Still Like To Speak With A Person?

So do I!  After more than 36 years of providing great CD & Money Market Account Rates, "know your client" is still the foundation of my business.  In fact, talking with my clients, finding out how they are and how everything is going is the favorite part of my day. Knowing my clients allows me to serve their Investment needs much better.

And if communicating by email is more efficient for you, I respond to all email requests very quickly.

Never Invested In CDs Or MMAs Before?

No worries!  I am a great teacher and I make investing in CDs & Money Market Accounts very easy. And please know that if you have questions about investing, I am very happy to answer them.

Too Busy To Invest Your Money?

That's my specialty!  I'll work around your busy schedule and interact with you and your team to make things happen just the way you want.